The Perfect Smile Implant Centre, one of Hungary's largest dental clinics, treats patients with complex solutions to all dental and oral-surgical problems to the highest European standards.

We specialize in aesthetic dentistry and implantology. The tranquil atmosphere of our clinic combined with the undivided attention and professional expertise of our staff will ensure that patients will have first class treatment.

The quality of our work is guaranteed by our modern Diagnostic system, Digital panoramic x-ray, CT scan facility. The highest quality equipment, dental implements and material are used in the clinic.

The Dental laboratory is located in the clinic, ensuring the Technicians are available to the Dental team at all times.

All the materials including implants are supplied by world class, international suppliers.

The clinic's Dentists and Oral surgeons are registered with the Hungarian Dental Council and many European Dental councils, including the UK. The clinic has surgeries in Ireland and Italy.

All treatment is guaranteed in accordance with EU standards.

The clinic has been treating Irish patients since 2004. Because of the large number of Irish patients that have received treatment, it was decided 7 years ago to open a surgery in Wexford for aftercare. A team travels from Hungary for 4 days every month. The clinic also has a surgery in Ravenna, Italy.

In the Postoperative surgery in Wexford the Dental Team treat patients before and after treatment in Hungary. Prospective patients can visit Wexford for a consultation in one of the two surgeries. The clinic recently installed a modern Digital Panoramic x-ray machine in Wexford. It is linked to the clinic in Hungary. The Dentist in Wexford will have access to all the patients' x-rays and treatment records.

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